The Montevideo carnival is one of the oldest and most popular traditions in Uruguayan culture. For about 40 consecutive nights, from the last days of January to the first days of March, dozens of groups grouped into five categories (Murgas, Comedians, Parodists, Magazines and Comparsas  tour the city acting in airy stages  called “tablados”. At the same time they participate in the Official Contest of Carnival Agrupaciones that takes place in the “Ramón Collazo Summer Theater”, in front of the coast.

The Carnival Museum, through the “Carnival tours”, proposes to get to know the Montevidean carnival from the inside. Attend the “Llamadas” Parade (candombe), to different places of interest in the city and to see carnival shows in some of the tablados. Also visit rehearsals of the most popular sets and even walk along with them a night of tablados. Outside the season of rehearsals and shows, throughout the year, there are options for walks that allow you to discover other aspects of the popular festival. All these activities are carried out with an accompanying guide of the Museum’s work team.

During the year

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    (Español) Visitas interactivas
    La mejor forma de vivir el carnaval
    durante todo el año

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During Carnaval

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    Noche de tablado
    Los espectáculos en vivo

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    Desfile de Llamadas
    La mayor fiesta de la ciudad

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