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Barrio Sur Candombe

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This tour takes place every Sunday and lets you experience the history of candombe, UNESCO intangible world heritage since 2009, through its own protagonists. Members of the award-winning ¨comparsa¨ (drum-group) C1080 and neighbours of the Barrio Sur district will show you around their neighbourhood and will tell you all about its history and it´s unique connection with candombe music.

In “Barrio Sur, Candombe”, a historical tour of the Barrio Sur neighborhood, you will learn about:

- The neighbourhood, its people and its history

- The Conventillo Medio Mundo, the ¨cradle of Candombe¨

- Carlos Gardel and the Barrio Sur

- The first Candomberos

- The “Llamadas” (drum-parades) in the past and present

- The heritage of the drum-group of Cuareim (C1080) and its special drum-rhythm and much more.

The walk takes place every Sunday and costs USD $ 30 per person.

Includes: Transportation IN from downtown hotels or from in front of the City Hall (Avenida 18 de Julio). Guided tour through the Barrio Sur. Transportation OUT to downtown hotels or back to the City Hall.

Tour in Spanish and English. Ask us about other available languages. 
Start time: At 9:30 a.m..
Duration: 90 minutes.
Difficulty: Low-medium (The tour in Barrio Sur is exclusively on foot)